LotR Cards: Kings

Here they are, the next installment of my ongoing Lord of the Rings playing card illustrations: The Kings. I went with men and dwarves for this set, in order of appearance: Aragorn, Gimli, Theoden and Boromir. For the Boromir design I actually… Read More →


Lord of the Rings Cards: Aces

As an ongoing project, I’m designing/illustrating a Lord of the Rings themed playing card deck. It’ll be a standard poker deck, 54 cards, each card a different character/place/creature/thing from Tolkien’s masterpiece. I just finished my first draft of the Aces, posted here… Read More →



This is a quote from one of The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, which became something of an ongoing joke with some of our family. It’s a truly awesome and ridiculous movie, highly recommended. Click here to download the iPhone wallpaper.